Team Howus


Welcome to our TEAM HOWUS of real estate professionals in Vancouver. We take pride in our unmatched expertise that is three times more powerful than other real estate services. We provide impressive results through a professional approach. With exceptional knowledge and experience in the Vancouver market, we strive to make the buying or selling process enjoyable for you. We promise top-notch service and dedication to all those considering a transaction, as we offer our unique and effective approach that combines these three elements. Start now and embark on a journey that is both extraordinary and powerful, surpassing any other real estate experience.

Team Howus - 우종훈 Rick Woo
우종훈 Rick Woo

I have a deep understanding of both sides of the real estate industry, starting from the field of construction management. After transitioning into real estate brokerage, I have utilized my extensive knowledge of architectural design and wide network to establish productive business relationships with diverse clients.

I possess fluent proficiency in both English and Korean and maintain a sincere interest in finding suitable solutions for all individuals with a heartfelt and friendly attitude. This enables me to form genuine friendships and working relationships with many individuals. Above all, I highly value the trust that clients place in me and am always passionate about finding the most suitable solutions for them.

  • - Achieved Top 10% performance in Greater Vancouver for 8 consecutive years. (2015 - 2022)
  • - More than 13 years of experience as a real estate agent.
  • - Major in Architectural Engineering from Kyung Hee University.
  • - BCIT Construction Management.
  • - 5 years of experience in real estate development and marketing.
Team Howus - 백창권 C.K. Paik
백창권 C.K. Paik

Baek Chang-gwon, a certified real estate agent, possesses a bright energy and a positive personality. With 19 years of experience in the field, he boasts a high level of achievement, being selected as a member of the top 10% Medallion Club for 17 consecutive years. Even now, he continues to contemplate and learn how to satisfy individuals involved in this business from the perspective of the customers.

Having majored in Business Administration at George Washington University in the United States and pursued studies in the MBA program, I have accumulated diverse experience in various companies in Korea, including Doosan Corporation, Vogue Korea magazine, and a diamond company. Building upon this foundation, I provide customized services tailored to each client's special requirements. I strive relentlessly for genuine customer satisfaction by leveraging accurate data, creating a comfortable atmosphere, and ensuring effective communication.

  • - Achieved Top 10% performance in Greater Vancouver for 17 consecutive years.
  • - More than 20 years of experience as a real estate agent.
  • - Major in Business Administration and obtained a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from George Washington University.
설동원 Joseph Sul

My motto is to always give my best for the satisfaction of my clients, treating them not just as business partners but as family members. I provide detailed information and advice to ensure that clients are satisfied throughout the real estate transaction process. I also make every effort to resolve any issues that may arise during the transaction.

I constantly contemplate what clients need and make continuous efforts to learn and grow. My goal is to help clients find their dream home where they want to reside, and I provide the best possible methods to fulfill that dream.

  • - Achieved Top 10% performance in Greater Vancouver for 9 consecutive years.
  • - Over 17 years of experience as an 'honest real estate agent', dedicated to providing quality service.
  • - 2014 - 2022 Master Medallion Club, Sutton Diamond, Masters, Pinnacle, and Million Dollar Award
  • - Property Management License
Team Howus - 설동원 Joseph Sul